Clinical and Integrated Services

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

For decades we assist our customers by creating integrated and flexible clinical solutions capable of responding to the specific needs of each reality, aimed at the continuous improvement of efficiency and operations.

Our knowledge and experience are at the complete service of our partners.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are now able to support our clients, in full compliance with quality standards and as the one-stop-shop in daily management and operation, allowing to devote greater focus on the care of their patients.

The EPS clinical services model for clinics and hospital centers is structured to give full support to our customers in:

Provision and management of medical devices and biomedical equipment

Our consultants will support you in the selection, management and maintenance of the best medical devices and biomedical equipment for your hospital.

We turn to leading international manufacturers of medical devices for product sourcing and restocking.

Thanks to these strong relationships, we are able to quickly provide what you need for the day-to-day operations of your site, while also ensuring timely and efficient management of both routine and urgent matters.

Our portfolio of suppliers allows us to offer you the technological solutions best suited to your needs: through constant consultation with medical staff, we propose and evaluate new solutions that can represent an enrichment in patient care.

In cooperation with our partners, during testing activities we perform a device functionality test and safety verification in accordance with the regulations. We support clinical staff, both in directly verifying that the equipment is functioning under operational conditions, as well as training for using devices.

In addition, in compliance with the quality protocols of the supplier companies and our customers, EPS provides periodic maintenance activities to ensure equipment safety and proper operation, in order to reduce the likelihood of failure, and maintain original levels of performance.

Custom Procedure Pack

EPS rationalizes the management of the material necessary for therapeutic services through “Custom Procedure Packs” which include everything necessary for the delivery of a specific therapy.

With this service, EPS partners are not limited to the purchase of a single device: we provide our customers with all the material, technologies and expertise necessary for the full and correct performance of a complete therapeutic performance.

We take care of every single phase, from the purchase and procurement of all the material to its management and delivery to the ward: the pack, the result of technical evaluations carried out with the clinical staff, offers our partners a rationalized and optimized solution with the best technologies on the market.

There are three key features of our support for hospitals:

Clinical Staff Outsourcing

More and more, hospital sites and facilities are relying on outsourcing for the provision of clinical and technical services.

It is from this expressed need that our comprehensive, customized solution of outsourcing technical and clinical staff – e.g., cardiovascular pathophysiology technicians. was born, including the organization, management and ongoing training of the personnel involved, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

The skills offered concern:

We are convinced that the value of each individual situation resides and is fueled by the commitment and passion of the people who work there. We carefully select the most suitable professionals for your hospital, to create value through synergistic action between hospital and outsourced staff.

Some areas in which our clinical staff contribute:


From teleconsultation to telemonitoring up to remote diagnostics, with our service for telemedicine and digital health GadaLife we offer an all-inclusive solution aimed at hospitals, clinics and protagonists of the healthcare world. A model to increase the effectiveness and continuity of care inside and outside the hospital, to improve patients’ quality of life and optimize times and costs.

The advantages for our customers

Presence of back-up suppliers in the event of supply chain disruption

Improvement of performance and quality

Constant technology update

Standardization of processes

Availability of qualified and trained personnel

Optimization of costs on the hospital budget: absence of initial investiments

Certainty of costs for outsourcing and staff activities with respect to the therapy provided

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