Our Telemedicine service: a new doctor-patient touchpoint for healthcare without borders

GadaLife® is EPS’s telemedicine and digital health service. Using a platform that integrates both hardware and software, GadaLife® enables collaborative networks between hospitals, healthcare professionals and the community to be established, placing the patient at the centre: a model for improving healthcare effectiveness and consistency both inside and outside hospital, enhancing patients’ quality of life and optimising both time and costs.

From tele-consultations to remote monitoring and even remote diagnosis, an all-inclusive solution for hospitals, surgeries and key players in healthcare.

Telemedicine: Healthcare 4.0

Telemedicine refers to healthcare services that use technological innovation as a tool to overcome hospital and distance-related limits, adding a new dimension the doctor-patient relationship. Data from interconnected devices offer physicians and patients the opportunity to increase their number of touchpoints, establishing prompt diagnoses and effective treatment pathways. Through the options offered by tele-consultation, tele-appointments, tele-monitoring and tele-assistance, community networks are established that can extend medical treatment to an increasingly broader and more accessible audience.

Integration and operational compatibility for a modular system based on your needs

Our solutions for


A value proposition for chronic illness management. Through high-tech and user-friendly device mediation, GadaLife® connects doctors and patients for diagnoses, monitoring and treatment management: readings are taken automatically or manually and are agreed and functional to protocols set out by healthcare staff. The availability of the data collected optimises chronic illness treatment, enables potential risks to be identified and feeds into the patient’s diary. Value-based care facilitating treatment tailored to the patient’s needs.


Healthcare without borders with our virtual clinics. Our GadaLife® service overcomes the barriers imposed by distance, promoting consistent healthcare even in remote locations or locations without adequate infrastructure. Consultations, screening and monitoring can all be managed from home, from residential care homes or from a different inpatient department using our medical kit and a simple tablet: easily measure patients’ parameters or connect.


Our GadaLife® service supports every step of the patient journey, including the lead-up to surgery or following supported discharge, through online questionnaires and educational videos. Physicians are authorised to monitor parameters through specific devices, including wearables. Rehabilitation activities can be uploaded within software platform protocols and carried out in a productive collaboration between operator and patient, even remotely. Reduced time, greater therapeutic adherence and fewer readmissions.

More than software: a medical device

One of the most important aspects of our GadaLife® service is that the platform software is classified as a medical device under IEC 62304:2006 Class A.

Innovation and healthcare: a new paradigm benefiting the doctor-patient relationship

The advantages



Helping you care for your patients

Continuous support

EPS guides its partners through all support and assistance stages as they use the service. Amid a technological and digital transition, GadaLife® turns complexity into a service that is simple, quick and meets both operator and patient needs. Through virtual or in-person classrooms, doctors, healthcare professionals and patients can enjoy continuous support so they can get the most out of the service.

What GadaLife® includes