Integrated Healthcare Services

Eps simplifies optimizes increases efficiency

Flexible solutions to meet your needs

For decades we have been assisting our clients in their continuous improvement regarding efficiency and operation, creating integrated and flexible healthcare solutions capable of responding to the specific needs of each situation.

Our knowledge and experience are at the complete service of our partners.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are now able to support our clients, in full compliance with quality standards and as the one-stop-shop in daily management and operation, allowing to devote greater focus on the care and well-being of their patients.

A scalable approach

We offer our customers solutions that meet their needs. Our scalable approach sees us constantly engaged in the search for flexible solutions for optimized and efficient management of our partners’ healthcare services.

Our customers have access to a wide range of tailor-made services, ranging from the “Standard” ones – that is the basic service of supply and management of devices and equipment and warehouse management – to the “Plus” ones – in which the spearhead is the outsourcing of clinical staff and which also includes the procedural packages of Premium services.

EPS Integrated Health Systems

EPS is your trusted partner for Integrated Health Services.
We provide scalable and complete solutions for public hospitals, private and university clinics.

Standard Services

The EPS standard service model for clinics and hospital sites is structured to give full support to our customers in the supply and management of medical equipment and devices and the provision of logistics services.

Premium Services

With Premium services, EPS partners are not limited to the purchase of a single device:
we offer a procedural package that includes everything needed to deliver a specific therapy.

Plus Services

With the Plus Services, EPS offers to its partner an all-inclusive approach: from logistics to the procurement and management of the range of technological equipment, to the identification of qualified clinical and technical, the spearhead of Plus services.

Additional services

From the design to the construction of wards and operating rooms up to financial advice: with the support of qualified partners, EPS enriches its proposal of solutions for centers and hospitals.

Ask our experts

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