Plus Services

The “Plus” formula of EPS services is based on a multidisciplinary approach aimed at providing our partners with the most complete offer in terms of operation and skills.

The spearhead of Plus services is in fact the outsourcing of clinical staff that, together with the most advanced management of medical devices and biomedical equipment and optimized health logistics (included in the standard and premium services), offers an all-inclusive approach able to satisfy the main needs of modern hospital facility structures.

In fact, we are behind our clients at every stage: from the procurement and management of the range of technological equipment, to the identification of qualified clinical and technical staff which has a considerable impact on cost optimization, as well as personnel management that is more oriented to quality performance dynamics.

Clinical Staff Outsourcing

More and more, hospital sites and facilities are relying on outsourcing for the provision of clinical and technical services; a phenomenon, experts have confirmed, that is progressively on the rise in healthcare on a national scale.

“Fifty-seven percent of the companies surveyed opted to outsource clinical staff to focus on core business […] In 50% of cases, this practice led to value growth in business development and strategic business definition.”

Data Source: Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey.”

It is from this expressed need that our comprehensive, customized solution of outsourcing technical and clinical staff – e.g., cardiovascular pathophysiology technicians. was born, including the organization, management and ongoing training of the personnel involved, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

We are convinced that the value of each individual situation resides and is fueled by the commitment and passion of the people who work there. We carefully select the most suitable professionals for your hospital, to create value through synergistic action between hospital and outsourced staff.

Some areas in which our clinical staff contribute:

Perfusion services

Our expertise in outsourcing clinical staff starts with EPS’s decades of experience in perfusion in cardiac surgery.

Among the healthcare professionals of excellence that we provide to our partners, there are“perfusionists”: cardiovascular physiopathology and cardiovascular perfusion technicians.

EPS is dedicated to the study, development and continuous improvement of perfusion services: supported by the best medical device manufacturers, EPS perfusionists can integrate into your team, optimizing procedures and techniques.

A complete and flexible model, aimed at supporting medical staff in daily activities, as well as in the use of equipment for coronary and vascular diagnostics, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Customer benefits

In addition to including all the benefits of Standard and Premium services, Plus services offer:

Rapid implementation of activities

Certainty of costs for outsourcing activities and personnel for the therapy being provided

Improved economic planning of costs referring to specific therapeutic areas (including personnel costs)

Increased efficiency and flexibility of the healthcare facility: staff costs remain the same regardless of the number of procedures performed

Availability of qualified and trained personnel

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