Premium Services

EPS makes use of integrated and flexible healthcare solutions that are able to respond to the specific needs of each individual situation.

Premium services allow us to offer a procedural package that includes everything needed to deliver a specific therapy.

With Premium services, EPS partners are not limited to the purchase of a single device: we provide our customers with all the materials, technologies and expertise necessary for the full and proper performance of a complete therapeutic service.

We take care of every single phase, from the purchase and procurement of all the material up to its management and delivery to the department: the package, which is the result of technical evaluations carried out with the clinical staff, offers our partners a rationalized and optimized solution with the best technologies on the market.

A comprehensive, sustainable and advantageous service

There are three key features of our support for hospitals:

Customer benefits

In addition to including all the benefits of standard services, performance-based services offer:

Performance and quality improvement

Standardization as a qualitative advantage

Predictability of expenses through “single cost per procedure” model

Less “downtime” in the operating theatre

Cost optimization on the hospital budget

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We provide the following integrated solutions through products and suitable supporting care: