Standard Services

The EPS standard service model for clinics and hospital sites is structured to give full support to our customers in the supply and management of medical equipment and devices and the provision of logistics services.

EPS provides a material management service that integrates procurement and logistics, based on expertise and a strategic approach oriented towards innovation.
Our offer meets the increasing need of hospitals to have a management system that is able to structure itself in an innovative and efficient way without abandoning the concepts of economy and efficiency, while also taking on the principles of environmental and social sustainability, and risk management.

The phases of the service

Our management is structured in specific steps, summarized below:

Provision and management of medical devices and biomedical equipment

Our consultants will support you in the selection, management and maintenance of the best medical devices and biomedical equipment for your hospital.

We turn to leading international manufacturers of medical devices for product sourcing and restocking.

Thanks to these strong relationships, we are able to quickly provide what you need for the day-to-day operations of your site, while also ensuring timely and efficient management of both routine and urgent matters.

Our portfolio of suppliers allows us to offer you the technological solutions best suited to your needs: through constant consultation with medical staff, we propose and evaluate new solutions that can represent an enrichment in patient care.

In cooperation with our partners, during testing activities we perform a device functionality test and safety verification in accordance with the regulations. We support clinical staff, both in directly verifying that the equipment is functioning under operational conditions, as well as training for using devices.

In addition, EPS provides periodic maintenance activities to ensure equipment safety and proper operation, in order to reduce the likelihood of failure, and maintain original levels of performance.

Logistics Service

Our experts and technicians work alongside you to make hospital supply chain management easier.

The role of logistics in healthcare is becoming more and more strategic: optimizing physical and information flows is becoming fundamental in order to limit costs and reduce clinical risk.

Our Service Delivery team, operating both inside and outside your facility, ensures the management, traceability and optimization of stocks destined for your various hospital departments.

The supply of materials and the management and rationalization of stocks are guaranteed: with EPS the possibility of risks and errors is reduced, meaning that the clinical team can dedicate more time to patients.

Customer benefits

Wide catalogue of medical devices and electronic medical equipment

Continuous scouting for suppliers

Space optimization and relative recovery for core activities

Back-up suppliers in case of supply chain disruption

Constant technological updates

Stock rationalization

Reduction of error possibility

Stock rationalization

Reduction of technical and administrative staff costs

Device tracking: economic reporting by procedure/by department

Process standardization

Dynamic and continuous supplier validation (check and update)

Recovery of time and resources for core activities

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