Perfusion services

EPS is the very first company in Italy to offer a complete range of perfusion services, which are the result of continuous study, development and improvement: from the choice of the best medical devices, to the optimization of procedures and techniques, as well as the training of dedicated personnel.

The advantages for your team

Excellence to your service

Our deep understanding of perfusion practice allows us to provide
the best of technology and expertise to your center

Hospitals, clinics and university centers choose our perfusion services suite for the quality, customization and completeness provided: the wide availability of experts and dedicated medical devices, the excellent training program for specialists, and the constant commitment to the health and well-being of the patient.

Specialized management

We put our team, specialized in the implementation of the best clinical perfusion practices, at your complete disposal to create a customized program that meets all your needs.

Safe and complete management for:

The multidisciplinarity of the perfusionist

In recent years, the figure of the perfusionist has continued to evolve, also moving towards different areas from the traditional ones of the cardiac surgical team.

Today, this profession takes on an increasingly multi-specialist dimension, a set of additional skills that generates value both for the hospital structures in which perfusionists operate and for the patient.

By adopting this multitasking attitude, the EPS teams offer support in areas such as:

Medical devices

Thanks to partnerships with the best manufacturers of medical devices for perfusion and to our widespread distribution network, we are able to guarantee a wide range of instruments and a cost effective service.

Our line of perfusion devices includes:

Clinical and Integrated Services

For years we have been developing integrated, flexible and scalable healthcare solutions to increase efficiency and optimize the operation of health centers and clinics.

Ask our experts

EPS makes decisions easier. Book a meeting with one of our reps to find out more about our integrated healthcare services and find the best solution for your needs.